Most companies look at their web site traffic numbers, and that’s it. You may not realize this, but your traffic numbers tell very little about the success of your Internet marketing campaign. Many people can visit your site each day but that does not mean much if you have a high bounce rate (visitors leaving after the first page visit) and, of course, if you are not increasing your conversions of new leads and sales.

Google Analytics

That’s why we use Google Analytics to manage our clients’ campaigns. Google Analytics is a sophisticated metrics tracking system that analyzes everything related to your website visitors. This is one of the best ways to discover what your visitors are doing when they arrive to your web site.

Analytics for AdWords

Because Analytics and AdWords are both Google products, they’re best used when integrated with each other. We’ll help you understand detailed information concerning your AdWords account and how it compares to the way people behave once they reach your site. Much of this information is not available inside of your AdWords account so using Analytics makes it much easier to benefit from PPC ads.

Google Analytics Tracking

Google has made a name for itself by offering high quality products and services, and Google Analytics is no exception. We use Google Analytics to:

  • Analyze traffic
  • Trace the path each visitor takes
  • Find out how visitors interact with your pages
  • Discover which keyword phrases are bringing visitors to your web site
  • Discover which pages are causing your visitors to leave and so much more

We also use Google Analytics to sync the data from your AdWords account (if applicable).

What Google Analytics Means for Your Marketing Campaigns

Whether traffic comes from AdWords or another source, it is important to analyze the way visitors use your site. Once we know how that traffic arrives to your page, what path it takes, and how it interacts with your site, we can optimize your campaign to increase the conversions. For instance, if you have a high bounce rate, we can analyze the reasons for the bounce rate and then suggest updates to your site so visitors remain longer and continue to browse the pages.

We can also use the information to:

  • Determine which traffic sources generate the best results
  • Determine which traffic sources are not performing well so that we can abandon unnecessary keywords
  • Discover what part of the purchase funnel loses traffic and fix the funnel so it pushes visitors through to the end
  • Increase your ROI by reducing the AdWords spend on keywords that are not performing well

Metrics are a must for a solid Internet marketing campaign. Without the proper analysis, you cannot solve the problems that may be hiding in plain sight.

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