Search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving. Every time Google releases a new algorithm update, most Internet marketers have to scramble to keep up. Those who do not stay informed of the changes can end up suffering one or more Google penalties.

Reasons for Penalties

Sites are penalized for one of three reasons. First, some sites are penalized because they use unethical SEO practices. These sites might buy links or use cloaking techniques. They also might use keyword stuffing to obtain traffic. Some even steal content from others or use duplicate content from various sites. All of this is unethical.

Second, some sites suffer from Google penalties because they do not have quality content. It is common for some site owners to not know what is involved in writing quality content. While others just write for the search engines and forget about the readers. Both scenarios could cause your site to be penalized.

Third, some sites are penalized because they do not keep up with important changes to Google’s algorithm. Something that was acceptable last month may not be considered ethical today. You must keep up with every algorithm change and adjust or you run the risk of suffering from one of Google’s penalties. Once that happens, it might take months to have your site back on track, and that is if you know what caused the penalty and how to fix it. If you do not know what you are doing, you could end up on a downward spiral.



Possible Penalties

Most often, sites are penalized by losing keyword positions within the search result rankings. Once they disappear from the first few pages of Google, they will lose a substantial amount of traffic. In addition, Google removes some sites from the Google index altogether. It typically does this to sites that have serious violations. Removal from the index can be temporary or permanent.

We Can Help

Most site owners do not have the time to look over all of the algorithm changes Google enacts year after year. We stay on top of the changes so our clients can avoid Google penalties now and in the future.

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