Search engine algorithms are constantly changing. As they change, SEO companies have become less careful when it comes to using “black hat SEO” tactics to improve their client’s websites. These practices might fool the search engines temporarily, but they cannot fool Google’s spam team.

Reasons for Manual Actions

Google issues a manual penalty on sites that:

  • Have acquired obvious, unnatural links
  • Use keyword stuffing
  • Contain spam
  • Have content with little or no value
  • Use cloaking techniques

In addition, if a site is hacked, it will receive a Google manual penalty.

Site owners need to stay on top of manual penalties so they can address the issues. Then, they can move back up in the rankings or at least have their site reinstated.

Finding Out if Your Site is Penalized

You can find out if your site has been penalized by using the Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard. Once there, click “Search Traffic” and select “Manual Actions.” If Google has taken a manual action against you, it will be listed there.

If Google has given you a manual penalty, fix the problem as quickly as you can. Then, go back to the Webmaster Tools Dashboard and click “Request a Review.” Google will look over your site once again to determine if the penalty should be lifted. It is important that you fix all problems before you request a review. Otherwise, the Google manual penalty will stay on your account for quite some time.


We Can Help

If your site is currently being penalized, we can work to fix the problems so you will have a much better chance of passing your next review. Additionally, we can evaluate your site to ensure that it does not run into any future problems.

Our natural SEO techniques help sites move up in the organic search results without risking penalties. This is the best way to maintain your site at the top of the search results.

As long as there is an Internet, there will be black hat SEO techniques. Because of that, Google will continue to use manual penalties to discourage these techniques. Avoid the penalties by letting us implement our proper SEO strategies.

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