With the release of Google Panda in February of 2011, Google took one more step to ensure that sites have to provide quality content to achieve a high ranking. Google’s Panda update refers to a significant change in Google's ranking algorithm. Those who do not adhere to the changes can end up suffering from this penalty.

How the Rankings Work

Google uses human Quality Raters to analyze sites and determine their quality. They use the information provided by the human raters to perfect their machine-learning algorithm. This allows the algorithm to detect sites that do not provide quality content and, therefore, a positive user experience.

With the help of the Google Quality Raters, the machine-learning algorithm can determine if sites are:

  • Trustworthy
  • Informative
  • Helpful

Additionally, the Panda update determines if sites are keyword stuffing and if they are providing something new to readers. That means you should not do all of your research online and then re-write that information into your website. You should create unique information that cannot be found online or your site might suffer from a Google Panda penalty.

Suffering a Penalty

Google penalizes site owners by dropping their sites within the rankings. This can be devastating to a site, since most people do not search past the first page of Google. Most people realize they have suffered a Google Panda penalty after they notice a significant drop in their traffic. Imagine your business losing 75% of traffic each day.

Some site owners are surprised when they receive a penalty. That is because Google Panda is different from other algorithms. In the past, Google would penalize pages instead of entire sites. Now, it penalizes entire sites, even if there are only a few problem pages on those sites.

Recovering From a Google Panda Penalty

Recovering from a Google Panda penalty must be done correctly. Often, site owners have to rewrite large portions of their content. They can also choose to stop indexing pages that do not rank well with Panda. This is a good option if you have pages that your customers need but you know will hurt you with Panda. Then, your customers can still access the pages but Google does not score them for quality.

If you have been hit with a Google Panda penalty, we can help. From providing quality content to ensuring that Google only sees the pages that will benefit you, we will create a strategy that will help you regain your keyword rankings.

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