Link building is an important part of an Internet marketing campaign. Your site needs inbound links to show Google and other search engines that it is important information. Unfortunately, a lot of site owners have used some terrible tactics to acquire those links. Usually, they have purchased and traded links from other websites. They have also received inbound links from sources that do not have anything to do with their websites. For quite some time, those sites moved up in the rankings because of those links. That has changed with the Google Penguin update.

What is Penguin?

Google Penguin is an update to Google’s algorithm. Google created Penguin to address issues with low quality links. As part of the algorithm, Google devalued many different link networks. When Google devalues a link, it disregards it. It is as if the link does not exist.

Additionally, if a site has a huge spike in incoming links, Google will likely ignore those new links. Instead, Google puts emphasis on slow and steady link building. Of course, steady link building seems more natural, but in some cases, spikes cannot be avoided from media coverage and press releases.

Furthermore, Google is able to use their update to evaluate the quality of links. Low quality links are devalued. Irrelevant links are also devalued. That means if you have links pointing to your site that do not have anything to do with your business, they may no longer count.

Collateral Damage

If you lose your inbound links, your site will suffer in the rankings. This is not always the result from a Penguin penalty, but it is the collapse of an Internet marketing campaign. Instead of suffering from an actual penalty, you will be penalized for running a poor SEO campaign.

Fixing the Problem

Once your links are devalued, the only way to fix the issue and move back up in the ranking is to build and receive legitimate links. Quality link building takes time. You can use “black hat SEO” techniques to link build in a day but a quality campaign takes months and years of quality work.

Once you regain the quality links that Google Penguin is looking for, you will not need to worry about penalties.

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