What happens if someone goes to your site, only to realize that it is down? They will likely go to another site that’s working, like your competitor's. Fortunately, we can help you avoid this and other web site related problems. We use Google Webmaster Tools to monitor your site and to make sure your web pages are up and running so that the search engines can properly index and crawl your most important web pages.

Finding Site Problems

Once your site is integrated with Google Webmaster Tools, we can monitor it at all times. We can find out if any pages are infected with malware so we can fix the problem before it spreads. We even trigger alerts about pages that might experience problems so we can fix them before other visitors have a poor web experience with your web site. This allows us to avoid fires before they even start.

In addition, we are able to fix URL errors and broken links. By staying active within your Google Webmaster Tools account, we fix problems immediately, before they hurt your relationship with your customers and your bottom line.



Inbound Links

Link building is a huge part of any Internet marketing campaign, and we monitor your inbound links within Google Webmaster Tools. Knowing what sites are linking to you is an important first step in building a powerful link building campaign. Once we know which sites are linking to you, we can optimize for specific keywords and create content for marketing that is attractive to similar sites. This is a great way to move up in the rankings so you can boost your organic search results.

Your website is your virtual real estate. You would not leave your business unattended, and you should not leave your site unattended either. Let us make sure your site stays up and running at all times. That way, you will not send customers to your competition. That’s the benefit of doing business online, but you can only enjoy that benefit if your site is live and your links are working.

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