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Over the last few years, local SEO has exploded. The reason is simple: Smartphones have changed how we use the Internet.

Using Local SEO to Benefit Your Business

It’s simple! When consumers seek information, they are looking for answers that apply to their specific needs. In many cases, this means your potential customers are searching for phrases with a type of business and a location. An example of this is: “Destin SEO” or “SEO company in Destin FL”.

It makes sense – if you are living, working, or traveling in a certain area, you only want the businesses that are nearby! As a business owner, you can use these localized searches to your advantage. Local search engine optimization (SEO) can be of great value to your business.

The stats show just how effective local SEO can be. Many mobile users visit businesses within a day of performing a local search. Local mobile searches often turn into sales within a day. Consumers are highly likely to choose firms that appear on the first page of local search results, so these higher rankings lead directly to more customer engagement for you. When you do local SEO right, your business will be impacted in a big way.

The Types of Businesses Best Suited for Local SEO
Local SEO works best for companies that are tied to a physical location. If you do your work online, or can be accessed anywhere, there are more effective strategies suited to your situation. Artists, entertainers, and people using virtual offices, for example, do not need to focus heavily on local SEO.

If your company operates from a physical location, or you work with businesses that have a local component, local SEO is an absolute must strategy.

Service-based Businesses
If you are a local service provider – think retail, food service, banks, automotive shops, hotels, etc. – you can draw people into your physical location with well-rounded local SEO strategies.

People will find your business if it has a business listing with good reviews, a high ranking thanks to your use of SEO, and a top-notch mobile web presence. This evens the playing field for all service-based businesses, regardless of size.

Multi-Location Businesses
If your company is part of a chain or franchise, you can bring consumers into each location with a localized, individual web presence for each geographical area. People may know that your business exists on a larger scale, but they also want to know about your company’s presence in their area.

Local SEO gives you an opportunity to let people know more about your entire business. You can highlight the differences between each franchise location. When customers want to know about things like hours of operation, item prices, and deals, they will surely appreciate the impact of local SEO.

Large Scale Businesses
When your company involves various departments, offices, and practitioners, the more specific information you can give customers, the better.

Think about large scale businesses like clinics, which offer the services of various doctors. Or consider shopping centers that host numerous stores, and markets with a wide array of vendors. By localizing searches, you can bring people into each location or service provider. At the same time, you’ll be promoting the entire businesses as a whole.

Marketing Firms and Agencies
Companies that provide marketing for the business types mentioned above require a good understanding of local SEO. Marketing companies and agencies can use their skills to show clients the many benefits of localizing searches, including converting leads, retaining customers and growing existing revenue streams.

How to Implement Local SEO
Now that you know what types of companies can use local SEO, you need to know how to implement it.

Google is, as in most SEO situations, a great resource. Use Google My Business to claim your listing. Then manage the available information about your location. When people search for you, they will find you, and they will also receive accurate, verified information.

This strategy will raise your listing in search engine results pages, as long as you can foster good reviews. Implement a real life method for encouraging customer feedback, especially when you know your customers are happy. A high star rating is a great attention grabber, particularly on Google.

You can follow a similar strategy in other locations where your business is or could be listed. Use Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and so on. By having your business name online in multiple venues, with the physical location and other pertinent information attached, you build your reputation and gain authority.

Keep your business information consistent. Consistency is especially important when it comes to the business name, address, and phone number. When it comes to ranking within the search engines, always aim for the least variation across local directories, such as, “St” or “Street”.

If you are a franchise, create individual pages for each location of your company on social media. Engage with customers and potential consumers. Allow them to engage with you. Building goodwill and attracting more fans results in a higher search engine ranking. And don’t forget to use paid social media ads to showcase your company to consumers in your area.

Always work to keep up with online reviews. Responding promptly to questions or concerns shows that you are willing to meet your customers where they are and that you value feedback of all types.

You can also work with an SEO firm, like MyLocalSEOs.com, to optimize your web presence for local searches. They are an experienced agency with a proven track record in developing local SEO strategies. Local SEO is not a one-size-fits-all type of plan. It should be customized to your company, your goals, and your level of aggressiveness to dominate page one search results.

By implementing local SEO and keeping up with it, you give customers the best chance to find you. When customers can find you quickly, your company has the best chance to succeed. There is little to lose with local SEO, but the benefits are many, making it an ideal marketing strategy for the right businesses.

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