My business in St. Charles had been losing a lot of customers to people with a better online presence than me. I wanted to get on the boat, so I hired My Local SEO to help me step it up. I was seeing the difference in only days. More people were walking in, and more were showing up every day.

- Erin Collin

I’ve seen what good SEO was able to do for one of my competitors, and I wasn’t going to step out of the arms race. I called My Local SEO last month to start working on my business websites in Geneva. They are doing solid work already, and I expect that I’ll be able to surpass my competitors in the next month.

- Paul Edmond

Always had very good service with this particular company. I like to make any company I work with spell out exactly what they are going to offer, and My Local SEO always delivers on what they promise.

- Yessenia Leek

My Local SEOs has helped me out with two different ventures, and they have done great work both times. This team is very skilled, and they are also good at making sure that they keep me in the loop. It’s always a pleasure to work with them.

- Wilford Remaley

When sales began to slip I contacted My Local SEOs. Within a month or so traffic to my website picked up and I was back in business – this was just what I needed.

- Demetrius Sagers

I’m honestly shocked at what My Local SEO has done for me so far, and I can’t wait to see what they’re going to be able to do for me in the future. The service took a month to warm up, but it’s running at full steam now, and I’m reaping the benefits.

- Lisa Miranda

Strong SEO company, and they were always able to keep up with the latest changes. I saw a number of my competitors get destroyed by those Google updates, but my site stayed right where it was.

- Clara Turco

I underestimated what My Local SEO could offer me. I received a flood of new walk-ins at my Naperville store, and I didn’t quite have enough stock to accommodate the new traffic. I’m trying to compensate for it right now, but I’m still very thankful for what they did for me.

- Arnell Tabron

My Local SEO is one of the most pleasant SEO companies that I have ever worked with on our marketing. These people obviously take my guidelines very seriously, because they did everything that I wanted the way I wanted it done.

- Tyler Parkman

I would describe myself as very satisfied with My Local SEOs. They demonstrated a high level of professionalism from the beginning onward. They made it very clear that they understood modern SEO, and they used that to draw a lot more traffic to my site.

- Idefor RiggsG

We are very happy with what we got working with My Local SEOs. They understood our niche extremely well, and they were able to launch a strategy that was significantly more successful that what we were able to achieve on our own.

- Chantal Atkinson

My Local SEOs has been great for my Naperville business. In addition to the advertising that they’ve been doing for my local results, they’ve been doing some great work for my online reputation as well.

- Sharon Santoro

Thank you Jason and the rest of the team at My Local SEOs! So far, we are heading in the right direction. Let’s keep it going.

- Emily Talleyd

I doubt there is another company that handles Naperville SEO as well as these guys. I was really surprised at how easy it was for them to catch on to exactly what I wanted out of my campaign. I like working with teams that don’t need close management.

- Herman Sampson

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