Wouldn't it be nice if you could track people down after they leave your site and try to win their business? After all, they have already shown an interest in your company. Now, if you could just get them to pull the trigger, then you would gain a new client.

Remarketing Ads

Fortunately, you can reach out to them with remarketing ads from Google AdWords. This is a great way to advertise to former visitors and turn them into new customers.

How it Works

If you run a remarketing campaign, you will receive a piece of code to place on your website. This code will give your visitors a “digital cookie”. AdWords uses these cookies to track your site’s visitors. Then, when those former visitors meet your targeting specifications on the Google Search or Display networks, they will see your ads. This is an excellent way to pull them back in and win their business.

We Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Remarketing campaigns need to be implemented correctly and we have the experience necessary to achieve positive results. From determining the best target pages and actions to building high quality lists, we know what it takes to turn those former visitors into customers, so let us help setup your next campaign or review your existing remarketing settings.

Targeting Remarketing Ads

Targeting is very important when it comes to remarketing ads. First, you have to decide which visitors should see your remarketing ads. Then, you can create separate lists for each target market. You can create a different type of ad for each list, based on the action that put them on the list. You can create your list based on a variety of factors. For instance, you can target people who:
  • Visited a specific page
  • Visited a specific page but did not go to another page
  • Visited one page and then went to another page
  • Visited a page with a specific tag
  • Visited a page during specific dates
You can also use the advanced rule builder to create additional conditions for your lists. Once you have your lists in place, you have to create ads that will appeal to that specific audience and guide them through your purchase funnel. Each list should have specific ads that will encourage visitors to take action. Generic ads do not work well with remarketing.

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