Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a style of marketing for your business in which you need to research various websites to purchase ad space, banners and links for paid placement or advertising. Websites such as directories, associations, social media, personal websites, corporate websites and more are all candidates for SEM, Search Engine Marketing.

Marketing Analytics

One of the most important elements in advertising is the analytics behind your campaign. Similar to Pay Per Click Ads, Search Engine Marketing efforts can be tracked, recorded and analyzed for your ROI. With Search Engine Marketing Analytics, advertisers no longer need to wait for the business to “trickle in”. Real-time stats are available – including details of visitor demographics. This information is only the basics. Would you like to watch playback video of visitors entering your website and watch how their cursor navigates from page to page? — We can make this happen. With SEM, an advertiser is relying on the success of the ad hosting website to bring in quality traffic. Therefore, taking the time to research the websites that you may be advertising on is well worth it.
Some questions to ask yourself before spending your advertising budget may be the following:
  • Do these websites offer relevant content for your market, products and services?
  • Do they offer banner ads, text link ads and contextual link ads?
  • Do you get charged every time your ad is displayed or only when clicked?
  • Does the ad hosting site offer weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly advertising discounts?


Search Engine Marketing

An example of effective SEM, Search Engine Marketing, might be for local photographers to advertise on MySpace or Facebook banner ads. With banner ads, photographers can schedule their ads to only appear in their local markets and only for profiles that are interested in photography, bands, weddings, networking, etc… This is much more effective than newspaper ads and the advertiser will be able to track the ROI from every click-through. These are the basics of SEM, but if you would like to learn more, continue reading about “What is Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing?”

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