If you want to get fast results with your marketing campaign, you need to include text ads. Text ads show up in search engines on top of and next to the organic search results. You can get on the front page of the search results with these ads in just a few hours, even if you do not have a high organic page rank. That means you can have customers TODAY instead of waiting months for results.

How it Works

AdWords advertising consists of keywords that you have to bid on, ad copy, ad extensions, and countless targeting options. You can also use dynamic keyword insertion for your text ads. Your ads will be triggered when someone in your target audience types one of your keywords into the Google search box. As soon as that happens, you will enter an automated auction. Google chooses the bid amount and ad position during the auction. Then, the ads are displayed on Google Search. This happens in a split second.

Quality Score

AdWords uses a Quality Score to determine how often someone’s ads will run and how much they will have to pay for clicks. Your quality score is based on a variety of factors, including the quality of your website and the quality of your ad. That means you need to have a high click-through-rate and a high quality landing page. We know AdWords inside and out so we provide our clients with high Quality Scores. That means our clients typically pay less for text ads than they would if they created them on their own. Our clients’ ads are also more likely to display in a top position because of the high Quality Score.

Split Testing

We do not work to get a high Quality Score and then forget about your account. We work to improve text ads constantly. We accomplish that with split testing. We run A/B tests on all of the ads. In those tests, we change the call to action, keyword placement, or even the landing page to see what your customers respond to when they see and click on your ads. Then we make changes to the campaign based on those responses.

Web and Mobile

We know that some of your customers use their home computers while others use mobile devices. Because of that, we optimize our AdWords advertising campaigns to reach home computers and mobile devices. That means you never have to miss a customer based on the device being used. Your AdWords advertising campaign will help you reach your audience immediately. If you want to get results quickly, let us set up your campaign today.

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