The Internet has shortened people's attention spans. At one time, people would sit down and read a lengthy article. Now, they want to receive information in short, exciting bursts, the more shareable, the better. The best way to deliver that type of content is with videos. You can do that with video SEO marketing.

What is Video SEO Marketing?

Video SEO marketing is the process of creating videos related to your business and then optimizing them so your audience can discover them. These videos can be interviews, webinars, tutorials, testimonials, event promotions, or even a random and hilarious clip designed to attract attention.


Where Do You Post Your Videos?

While there are many different video sharing sites out there, there are two main options for video SEO marketing. You can use YouTube or you can host it on your own site. Both have benefits, and we recommend using both of them as part of your video SEO marketing campaign.


Google owns YouTube so it is easy to rank on the front page of Google with a properly optimized YouTube video. YouTube is also free and receives tons of visitors. In fact, more than 1 billion unique visitors go to YouTube each month. Those visitors watch over 6 billion hours of video each month.


While YouTube might seem like the obvious choice, self-hosted videos have their own benefits. When you upload a video to your own site, your site will recieve the traffic instead of YouTube. You also have more branding options. Additionally, you can prevent people from stealing your videos when they are on your own site.

How We Can Help

Video SEO marketing is a complex process. If you upload to YouTube, you need to use the proper title, tags, and descriptions for the video and have a YouTube channel. If you use the wrong keywords or fail to place them in the right categories, then your video will never rank well. Even something as simple as choosing the wrong category can penalize your video. If you are self-hosting the video, you have a new set of issues. Filenames, URLs and metadata need to be optimized. You also need to create a video site map file or use the proper on-page markup for the videos. This can be overwhelming for people who are not experienced, which is why it is so important that you work with a professional. Let our video SEO marketing services help you reach your customers. We can speak their language and get out in front of them so you can get more traffic and more sales.

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